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About Bujinkan Taka-Seigi Dojo San Diego

Hatsumi Soke and Phil-Sensei at the home dojo in Japan

Welcome to Bujinkan Taka-Seigi Dojo | San Diego, CA (BTSDsd). This dojo is sponsored and sanctioned by Shihan (Master Teacher) Phil Legare and we train in alignment with his philosophy and under his guidance. His website can be found at www.TakaSeigi.com.

The Taka-Seigi Dojo was started in 1987 by appointment of Hatsumi Soke, the Grandmaster of the nine schools of the Bujinkan, to transmit Soke's martial arts directly to America. The philosophy of the Taka-Seigi Dojo is to help individuals, families, communities, and countries come together in Budo spirit to meet their needs and counter the threats of today by combining historical martial arts and practical combat applications.

Taka-Seigi Dojo | San Diego, CA was started in 2005 by Bill and Laura and was brought into the BTSD family in 2009. We are honored and grateful for the mentorship of Shihan Phil Legare and work to provide the best program of training.

About Training At Our Dojo

We are certified by the home dojo in Japan are the premere training facility for Bujinkan in San Diego. No other dojo can match our beautiful 7000+ sq ft facility, our mentors, staff, or our students!

BTSDsd is first and foremost a place of training. It is not a club or a social gathering or a place for adolescent boys to gather to pretend they're training to be a ninja.

BTSDsd is a place where people come with a purpose and work with others that share similar concerns. We train with a serious mind and the intensity needed to live life. We do this without losing sight of our humanness or sense of humor.

The primary purpose of our training is to deal with a concern that we all share, self-defense. We offer another definition: the physical defense of ourselves and those important to us against a determined attacker. This definition enables us to train ourselves more effectively and is the center of gravity for everything we do. All else, while important and enjoyable, is secondary. Our approach to training is rigorous enough for professional warriors (i.e. law enforcement and military) and structured enough for the common person.

Training is structured to help individuals take care of their primary and most fundamental source of power, their body:
  • - Balance
  • - Flexibility
  • - Strength
  • - Speed
  • - Coordination
  • - Endurance

From there, training extends to softer skills such as:
  • - Timing
  • - Positioning, Frame/Postures, Controlling Space
  • - Perception, Intuition, Prediction
  • - Mental Focus
  • - Threat Assessment, Environment
  • - Tools, Technology, Weapons

In addition, we all journey on the path of mastery. By walking next to others with the warrior ethos we learn:
  • - Leadership
  • - Ethics
  • - Adulthood
  • - Power
  • - Capacity, Limitations, Structure
  • - Perseverance
  • - Competitive Learning
We do this through the study of culture, philosophy, mechanics, and biology; all of which are integrated into the training program. Examples of Courses of Instruction, Seminars, Cultural Classes, and Special Studies offered include:
  • - Tahenjutsu, Dakenjutsu, Jutaijutsu (Striking, Grappling, Ground Fighting, Leaping, Rolling, Movement)
  • - Introduction to the Samurai (History of the Caste, Armor, Weapons)
  • - Swords of Japan and China (History, Crafting, Construction, Use)
  • - Japanese Sword Fundamentals
  • - Hanbo (half-staff)
  • - Yari Fundamentals (Japanese Spear)
  • - Calligraphy and Brush Art
  • - Language Instruction
  • - Rock Climbing
  • - Archery
  • - Instructor Training and Leadership Development
  • - Chinese Medicine, Herbs, and Healing
  • - Chinese and Japanese Cuisine, Music, Tea
  • - Modern Weapons (tactical folder knife, flashlight, firearms)
  • - Self-Defense, Self-Protection, Defensive Measures for men, women, and children

We offer free trial classes, both so potential students can evaluate us and we can evaluate them to ensure a good fit. Prior training in martial arts is not required. Physical prowess is not required. Complete dedication is not required or even considered healthy. The study of Budo and Bushido is part of our lives, it isn't our life. Rigid discipline and unexamined ritual is not part of what we do.

Many schools claim that their art is taught to the special operations community. They do this by riding on the reputation and success of others. We actually have members of the special operations community training with us. That is the level and quality of training we provide. That they have brought their family in to train with us is another testament to our training hall.

Our dojo is built for working professionals, real people with real lives. Involvement of the whole family is welcome and encouraged.

All people of good character are welcome to join us.

Please contact us for a free trial class when you are interested in training. Contact us at (619) 247-7656 or info@BTSDsd.com.

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