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Qigong - The Working of the Breath

Qigong - As taught by Drs Craig and Silvia Reid - Translated as "the working of air", Qigong (chi kung) can be one or a series of standing, sitting, moving or lying down breathing techniques used to strengthen and circulate the body's already existing Qi as well as regenerate lost Qi.

There are many different kinds of Qigong out there, but we will only teach the Qigong that saved Craig's life and helped him break a $10,000/year medication habit. That was his pill bill in 1979, so one can only imagine what it would be in 2010.

It takes less than five minutes to learn, and requires at least five Qi breaths a day to not only instantly increase your mental and physical performance but over time it will also improve your internal strength, increase the amount of Qi in your body, and prevent old health issues from returning and stop new ones from developing.

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