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The instructors at BTSD San Diego are all highly-accomplished individuals in the martial arts and in life ranging from Military Officers and Special Forces to Ph.D's and Engineers. Below are the senior primary instructors and a little about them.

Jim is a Veterinary Doctor, a Colonel in the US Army Reserve, and a Shihan (Master Instructor) in the Bujinkan Jim is a 15th degree black belt (Dai-Shihan), a senior instructor at BTSD San Diego, and is the resident silver-back. He is a Colonel in the US Army Veterinary Corps and has deployed overseas into combat zones several times. He is also certified to teach Shiatsu and Reiki healing. Jim is the founder of Okinawa Bujinkan Taka Seigi Dojo and has been training in the Bujinkan for over two decades and holds Ph.D in Physiology and is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
Bill is a Lieutennant Commander in the US Navy Reserve, and a Shidoshi (Certified Instructor) in the Bujinkan Bill is a 10th degree black belt (Shidoshi) and is a founder/owner of BTSD San Diego. Bill is the CEO/Founder at Ready5, an adventure-preparedness comapny, and is a Commander in the US Navy Reserve Information Warfare Community involved in full-spectrum intelligence, information operations, and cyberspace operations. He recently returned from a one-year mobilization to the Horn of Africa where he served as the Intelligence, Information Operations, and Cyberspace Operations officer for the only enduring US military base on the continent. He has been training in combatives for over twenty years and in the Bujinkan for almost 20 years.
Randy is a former SEAL Sniper and is the CEO of Red Tail Corporation Randy Kelley is a 6th degree black belt (Shidoshi) and instructor at Bujinkan Taka-Seigi Dojo San Diego. He is a former US Navy SEAL Sniper and has deployed overseas into combat zones several times. Randy holds a MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird University of Global Management and a B.A. Economics with minors in International Business and Asian Studies from Appalachian State University.
Shaun is a certified pharmacy technician and runs the Bujinkan Basics classes at BTSDsd Shaun is a 5th degree black belt and an instructor at BTSD San Diego. He is a certified phamacy technician and runs the Bujinkan fundamentals classes at BTSD San Diego. He has studied several martial arts styles including muay-thai and wushu and is currently a student at University of Phoenix pursuing a BA in Criminal Justice / Management.
Laura heads up the Ladies Program at BTSDsd and runs the Women's Self Defense curriculum Laura is a 4th degree black belt and a founder of BTSD San Diego. She holds a BA in Liberal studies option II Emphasis in Education from San Diego State in addition to a current California teaching BCLAD Credential (Bilingual Crosscultural and Academic Development). She heads up the Ladies Program at BTSDsd, directs the Women's Self Defense Curriculum, and is the director of the JING Kids Program.
Sho is the president of the ShoMasui Corporation providing mechanical engineer services and consulting internationally Sho is a 5th degree black belt and an instructor at BTSD San Diego. He holds a BS in Mechnanical Engineering from the University of California San Diego and is the President of ShoMasui Corporation which provides Mechanical Engineering services and consulting internationally. Sho has built a company from nothing to a $22 million success and was invited to and spoken at TedX in Pasadena. His talk is to the right!
Kevin has trained for over 20 years in Japanese Sword and is a sword instructor at BTSD San Diego Kevin is a 2nd degree black belt in Bujinkan and trained for many years in Iaido and other Japanese Martial Arts. He works as legal counsel at Graham Investment Management. Kevin is a sword instructor at BTSD San Diego teaching the formal methods of sword ettiquette and practices. Kevin holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of California San Diego and a J.D. from California Western School of Law.
Craig and Silvia run the Qi Gong classes at BTSDsd Craig and Silvia run the Qi Gong program at BTSD San Diego. They are the founders/owners of Vivalachi Alternative Health and Wellness. They learned Qigong 32 years ago in Taiwan and have been providing healing since 1987 and do work with the U.S., British, South Korean and Chinese Olympic teams. They are the real deal. You can read about their story here: Vivalachi About Us. In addition to telling fantastic jokes, Craig has been practicing martial arts for over 40 years, graduated from Cornell University and has a Ph.D in Entomology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Silvia has a Ph.D in Neuroscience from UIUC and during her 27 years of Neuroscience research has done post-doctoral research training at Yale School of Medicine and UCLA Medical School as well as being a research scientist at a pharmaceutical company.

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